What is Social Engagement | Types of Social Engagement

Social Media Engagement is a form of validation for a brands social outreach and presence on various social and interactive platforms through the form of social acknowledgement. The elements that impact social engagement include d audience participation, viral presence, emotional connection which contributes towards a form of reaction.  The goal is to capture the attention of the audience so that they are compelled to respond.

Types of Social Engagement

There are various forms of social engagement through social media outlets. Here are some of the following ways to observe social engagements to create a response from a web audience.

  1. Inquiries – Questions about your brand is a form of engagement when people want to know more about your company.
  2. Service – Customers use social media platforms as another of communication in regards to service, support and or handling escalation.
  3. Acknowledgement – A like, favorite or approval all tell you that the audience acknowledges your messages or status updates. It means they appreciate, approve or agree to what you are trying to get across.
  4. Viral – When people share, re-tweet or spread your messaging to their brand it’s a great form of validation. It tells you that the audience finds your work resourceful and worth mentioning to their social following.
  5. Reaction – Good or bad a social reaction is when the audience gives their feedback on your brand, operations, service or product line. These reactions are transparent and how you handle such reactions makes all the difference.
  6. Direction – This is when you direct your audience to take a specific call to action which also ties into conversion. So the higher the volume of conversion the more effective you are at directing your audience.
  7. Loyalty – This is when you increase your social equity by the increasing volume of followers, fans, circles or contacts on all social platforms.
  8. Attention – When social media delivers captivating content that now brings a visual reminder to an audience you have now got their attention and they become aware of your message. Clarity, originality and resourceful are all important elements for this to occur.
  9.  Interaction – When people comment on your social feed or status update it brings about dialogue which could lead to the potential of a buying signal.
  10. Conversation – When positive conversations are shared between audiences about a brand this can only lead a positive impression which impacts buying signals.
  11. Ultimately social engagement leads to social reactions which in turn affect conversions which is how social media effects a business ROI.  

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