Rules of Social Engagement

Social Media has been evolving over the years. Social Media Engagement has been the main focus going into 2013 with brands paying more attention to social reaction and interaction. There will be more emphasis on companies interacting and influencing their social following in 2013.

There are certain rules of engagement to follow when it comes to social media:

  • Avoid social broadcasting and one way conversations
  • Become a brand ambassador to represent your brand
  • Crash the party and go to where your followers hang out and interact with them.
  • Lose the formalities and go where your followers are
  • Become an authority for the industry you represent through effective content deployment
  • Become a regular and show up to social brand conversations
  • Become the brand
  • Be consistent and present
  • Let your content do the selling

Finally it is vital to remember the P-O-S-T strategy which is

  • People
  • Objectives
  • Strategy
  • Technology

It is important to remember that the social platforms do not dictate the conversation. Social media after all is all about the conversations.

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