Brand Ambassador or Assassin?

Here are some important to ask yourself as a business owner
  • Are the people who represent your brand ambassadors or assassins?
  • Do you have winning mentalities or negative attitudes dictating your business model?
  • Are you aware of how your brand is being represented?

There are many examples of businesses that have star ambassadors that live and breathe the brand. Watch this video from an airline whose flight attendant from Southwest Airlines who decides to entertain the passengers before take off.

Recently there was a video leaked on You Tube of Wal-Mart Employees throwing around ipads and destroying them in the back room. That video has had over 6,000,000 views to date and a ton of negative social reactions. You can also see many other bran assassin acts caught on You tube that really are shocking…

Are you paying attention to the people representing your brand?

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