Bosco Anthony takes on context marketing on the Maven Interviews.

Bosco-Anthony-Context-Marketing-Maven-InterviewsMy good friends Andrew McGivern and Bob Garlick have just started up a new series of Maven Interviews and recently invited me to come on their show to discuss context marketing. Now everyone knows some of my talks on content however my take on context marketing is a recent finding and a game changer. Bob asked me some great questions and I ended up defining digital story telling and recent trends in the content market.

The big take away is writing content is no longer just for authority but also for influence. I highlighted the importance of the web user journey and how that impacts conversion. We covered elements of inbound marketing. I think this was one of my most relaxed interviews and the answers were unscripted. I really had a ton of fun on this interview with Bob.

You can review this awesome interview by clicking on the Maven Podcast.

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