Bed of Content

A blog is defined as a web log of content. My business blog has made some impact this year even receiving a top 7 nomination with a group of big names to share the recognition with. Lets analyze the impact of a blog for your business. Content can be used in so many different entities and can be duplicated or regurgitated.

A recent strategy shared with me by my peers was how some businesses would take content from a business blog and include it in a book. A blog is really a bed of content. Many business models have plans of publishing a book in the near future. In fact many businesses have planned for publishing content in the next 3-5 years. The majority of this content is generated from the business blog model.

  • How often do you write?
  • Is the blogging content consistent?
  • What authority are you trying to create?
  • Can the content be reused?
  • Have you created a table of contents for your potential book?

These questions can answer many questions on how to get a book published. The truth is content is your biggest asset so its important for you to create and store this content.

Are you utilizing your bed of content?

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