50 shades of social media engagement.

I gave this away for social media week and this was a big hit! I want to share with you with the intention of helping you with engagement.
  • 1.Creating Fresh Content that is unique and blows your audience away.
  • 2.Curate, aggregate and create content that is compelling enough to share and promote reaction onplatforms like scoop it
  • 3.Blog with passion not for dollars. Give away the farm! (WordPress makes it easy)
  • 4.Visually stimulate your audience through Pintrest… Pictures deliver instant reaction
  • 5.Film your keynotes and capture their attention.
  • 6.Slide share your power point presentations
  • 7.Write white papers on scribd and build a resource centre
  • 8.Customize email marketing campaigns and deliver emails in a timely fashion.
  • 9.Create engaging contests and incent awesome prizes for fans to act on a call to action.
  • 10.Allow your followers to submit content, photos and videos to promote engagement.
  • 11.Create social bookmark plugins on your website to make it easy to share content.
  • 12.Become a voice actor and use keynote to film presentations.
  • 13.Share events, accomplishments and highlights worth bragging about.
  • 14.Drive traffic by sharing valuable links to stimulating content.
  • 15.Info graphics makes reading easy and fun!
  • 16.Podcasting allows you to share insight and deliver passion
  • 17.Online radio shows can help engage a fan base and ensure consistent loyalty.
  • 18.Google Plus can help drive traffic to your website
  • 19.Social Monitoring Tools can deliver insights on trends that you can take part in.
  • 20.Social Dashboards allow you to converse with people on multiple platforms.
  • 21.Use charm, humour and common sense when asking questions and engaging with the audience.
  • 22.You Tube Channels can ensure fans keep coming back for more quality videos
  • 23.Rebel mouse can be a great social media content aggregator for social links.
  • 24.Develop a blogging calendar to ensure consistency for your loyal readers.
  • 25.Record your interviews, panels and keynotes and share virally.
  • 26.Promote and share video testimonials
  • 27.Create templates to manage and support customer inquiries through social platforms
  • 28.Live chat platforms can be very engaging for web visitors.
  • 29.Phone Apps and mobile responsive themes makes mobile engagement easy.
  • 30.List Segmentation on Twitter can be highly effective for engagement. Use TwitListManager!
  • 31.Group Forums and message boards prompt conversation
  • 32.Linked In Answers and groups can help with online conversations
  • 33.Event marketing features on meet up can help with engagement
  • 34.Allow clients to review products, services and locations
  • 35.Check in to high frequency locations with visual images on four square
  • 36.Hash tags allow you to network, report and converse.
  • 37.E books, strategies and documents can be a great tool for credibility when shared on socialplatforms.
  • 38.Viral videos can be infectious especially when you tap into emotions and controversy.
  • 39.Answer every comment whenever possible! You do not know who is watching!
  • 40.Distribute your content across your content funnels but space them out at different times. Buffer and Timely helps!
  • 41.Become a personality, remember the old spice commercial!
  • 42.Have a quirky brand and do not be afraid to poke some fun at yourself!
  • 43.Coupons can be effective if implemented properly.
  • 44.Ensure your website is focused on the user experience to ensure more time spent on your website
  • 45.Integrate your social platforms when commenting on your website
  • 46.Report important and breaking news within your industry
  • 47.Ask Questions that initiate debate or conversation
  • 48.Ask for feedback, assistance or advise
  • 49.Tag images or posts whenever appropriate!
  • 50.Be Human

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