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10 Current Day Challenges With Social Media 10 Current Day Challenges With Social Media

Social Media Challenges Social Media has been a great tool for communications and more so conversations between a web audience and brands/businesses. Brands have been attempting to capitalize on the inbound aspect of marketing through social media platforms for the past few months. While some have achieved to capitalize on such social media chatter... [More...]

Google Hummingbird Update | Semantic Search Analyzed. Google Hummingbird Update | Semantic Search Analyzed.

  Google Algorithm Update Just before Google’s 15th birthday a seismic change to how Google performs search had been introduced to the world. Coined as the “hummingbird”, the algorithm is designed to focus on precision and speed when it comes to search query results. An algorithm is the formula Google uses to sort web pages and digital assets... [More...]

Bosco Anthony takes on context marketing on the Maven Interviews. Bosco Anthony takes on context marketing on the Maven Interviews.

My good friends Andrew McGivern and Bob Garlick have just started up a new series of Maven Interviews and recently invited me to come on their show to discuss context marketing. Now everyone knows some of my talks on content however my take on context marketing is a recent finding and a game changer. Bob asked me some great questions and I ended up... [More...]

Networking Engagement Tips Networking Engagement Tips

One of my favourite things to do is networking. There are so many interesting people in the world, and the more events you get to, the likelier you are to meet the people that will make a difference in your life and business. It’s also great to do a bit of people watching while at these events, to see how other people approach networking. It can... [More...]

Balance in business, balance in life. Balance in business, balance in life.

Balance is talked about a lot these days, and it can mean very different things to everyone. When I think about balance in my work and life I relate it to managing the time I spend on any one thing. This can be challenging in this busy world we live in, but if you manage your time effectively you will be more productive in the end. For example, when... [More...]

Who knows you? Who knows you?

I recently sat down for a drink with my good friend fondly called “Skim” who is a PR marketing genius. We share similar immigrant backgrounds and stories and decided to talk about how we are building our personal brands in Vancouver. I gently said, ” It’s not what you know but rather who you know!” Skim then responded,... [More...]

The Meetup community is rapidly growing! The Meetup community is rapidly growing!

On January 31st 2012 I founded a local Meet up group called the Internet Marketing Thinktank in Vancouver, British Columbia. The group was designed to provide entrepreneurs, businesses and the corporate crowd to learn, connect and take action. In the past 18 months we have held various types of events, mixers, panels and conferences. Most of all our... [More...]

What is Integrated Marketing? What is Integrated Marketing?

Integrated techniques are the marketing fusion of traditional offline strategies blended with digital and social strategies.   This blend of marketing strategies builds an all around diversified approach making your overall strategy versatile and integrated. Integrated Marketing is the tactical delivery of blended strategy to ensure that you capture... [More...]

Bosco Anthony Featured In A Documentary. Bosco Anthony Featured In A Documentary.

One of my proudest achievements was close to home. I was recently approached by the Merita Movement group for an interview for a documentary labeled “Our beloved land. After arranging a time to meet and an hour interview I recently heard that the finishing touches were being put into this exciting documentary about inspiring youth from Africa. I... [More...]

Life Hack Productivity Task Sheet Life Hack Productivity Task Sheet

I recently designed my very own life hack productivity task sheet to help me deliver on my accountability. As my brand evolves my time and direction is spent on various elements and I was feeling of anxiety as I felt  I was being pulled in so many different directions. This is when I needed to start listing my various priorities and tasks by the different... [More...]

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